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Seki – Baku, Azerbaijan

Seki is a lovely little town near the Caucasus. The landscape is impressive especially in spring. Thick forests at the foot of snowy mountains. The village remains timeless till now. Pre-christianity temples of the Caucasian Albania. In the days of the Silk Road, caravans from Tbilisi and Baku use to converge here before going through the Caucasian mountains round the Caspian Sea through the Dagestan and Astrakhan. No wonder a small silk production still remains in the town. One of the five caravanserais still operates as a hotel. The small 1762 Xan Sarayi palace is a little jewel under the shade of its two 500 years platane. The most amazing elements are the coloured glass sebeke (a kind of moucharabieh).

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