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Khorog, Tajikistan

By June 3, 2011Uncategorized

Khorog is just a 30 000 inhabitants village where the Aga Khan has created the University of Central Asia, becoming at the same time a hub for the region. Few backpackers such as a Czech biker going to Afghanistan, 2 girls from South Africa and waiting like us to go to the Pamir mountains.


The girls here are amazingly beautiful with unique eyes and skin colour. They look more European than all the turks or other Central Asian population. But strangely the men really look Iranians, or Pakistanese.


Tomorrow we are off through the Pamirs to Jelandy small village with hot springs. We tend to think that the mountains the next day will be the same as the day before. But it never does. Each landscape is unique.


Dinner at the Pamir Lodge where we are staying. Simple dinner with rice, pasta with sauce and a fried egg. I wonder which cuisine this is. I had my first casserole shower ever. I wonder if this is equivalent to the traditional Japanese bath. If the aim was to impress, I was.


It is always interesting to share travel tips with the other travelers. An English couple, the Czech biker and an Australian cyclist. All great travelers having been to most countries.

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