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Karakol mountain horse trek, Kyrgyzstan

By June 11, 2011Uncategorized

Around fifty years later I had my second horse ride. It was like yesterday. I did well and manage to stay on it for 6 hours. Long trek through breathtaking landscapes.

Our guide is a young Kyrgyz, who qualified in tourism at the local university and speaks excellent English. He is a wealth of knowledge on the nature, horses, and the region. I am amazed how he can find his way through all the rivers, gorges without any map.
We are now in a yurt near the river up in the mountain with hot sulphur springs. The yurt is Spartan. A raised platform with some thick blankets that serve both as mats and to cover oneself. The night is very cold and we feel like a in a sandwich in the layers of blankets.

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