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Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

By June 10, 2011Uncategorized


We decided to stay an extra day in Karakol to enable us complete all the administrative matters concerning Kim’s registration at Skidmore. Karakol is just a typical soviet town. Grid plots and large unused space in between. Nowadays these open space are all unused and abandoned. The town itself looks abandoned. Apparently all the city dwellers move to the green pastures and their yurts in summer leaving the town empty and renewing with their nomadic life.

But every Sunday is the animal market where one can buy horses, sheep, yaks and sometimes camels. Lively and Kyrgyz.


Food is improving as we move closer to China. We had our second dinner at Fakir café written Fakup in Cyrillic letters and tasted our first Moldavian Cabernet sauvignon.

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