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Bulungkul – Murgab, Tajikistan

By June 5, 2011Uncategorized

Bulung Kul- Murgab70

Second pass breaking our yesterday’s personal record, Naizobhi 4314m. Murgab is just a desolate place with the bazaar as the main area of activity. The bazaar is only an open place where all the trucks collect around a square and open the back doors of their containers. People buy directly off the containers. Nothing grows here. So all vegetable and fruit come from Khorog or Kyrgyzstan. This explains how rare they are on the menu.

Menu is a big word. In the homestays we are asked “Dinner?” “Time?” That’s it. Then you wait for the surprise, you eat what you are given. Last evening was some cut cucumbers and a noodle soup with floating spicy red oil over. The 2 girls, the South African and the American girl were staying in the same place and had dinner with us.

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